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Secrets of the Success Superstars

Sometimes It’s As Easy As Having the Right Can Opener

“What would you do if you KNEW you couldn’t fail?”  This is one of the most important questions you will ever answer.  “What would you DO if you KNEW… couldn’t fail?”  Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between those who never seem to taste success and those that never seem to drink anything else?  It’s almost like these Success
Superstars buy case loads of 6-pack cans of SUCCESS at Costco.  There are a number of factors that account for these differences.

First, these superstars know nobody should be going it alone if they want to be successful.  While it’s possible for success to be driven by the vision and passion of one person, they know it’s not a journey one makes by themselves.  Successful people across a broad range of professions use coaches to help them play at the top of their game and to play a much
BIGGER game.

These success superstars know we become slave to our habits and have learned how to master the technique of developing great habits – habits of success – and then relaxing, giving in, and expecting the success that will surely come.  As far as the discomfort of it, success superstars love it because they know it’s the only way to grow and achieve more and that most people will give in, give up, or give out before they get going and give their best.

The superstars of success use a coach to help them overcome obstacles and limits, see things as they really are and most significantly, how they can be.  By connecting the realities of their present and possibilities of their future, a coach helps them release an unbelievably awesome force in their life – and that’s no secret.  Imagine this scenario: you have never been to New Orleans but are going there to meet an important new client.  If you don’t know where you are going, you can drive faster but all you’ll do is get nowhere more quickly.  What would happen if you worked “harder” to get there?  You’d just end up nowhere more tired and stressed.  What if someone gave you a map and it had some street names on it you happened to see in New Orleans – but you didn’t know it was a map of St. Louis. You could follow the map, but it wouldn’t get you where you wanted to go. Too many people follow “maps” given them by other people, or spend time pursuing destinations important to others, but not to themselves.  Too many people have inaccurate
maps, or worse yet, no map at all.

Where do YOU want to go? Where do you need to be? Do you have an accurate and clearly defined map, and well marked path to follow?  Wouldn’t a trained guide be helpful? Success superstars rely upon their coaches to help them obtain just such clarity and to persist with purpose and passion.

Many people need things to change in their lives and by trying to keep a positive attitude, truly hope things will get better.  HOPE is great – but hoping things might change direction on their own isn’t the best way to lead your life or build a business.  It’s NOT a strategy and it’s unpredictable, unfulfilling and unreliable.

You HAVE THE POWER to live your life by choice, not chance and experience the power of success by design.  What’s holding you back? Why not take control and take action!

Jack Canfield, co-author and co-founder of the mega-successful “Chicken Soup for the Soul” franchise is, by many measures, one of the most successful people in the world.  In his book “The Success Principles” he writes that at one time he had a large number of coaches working with him, including a personal fitness coach, a personal life coach, and others.  But, he notes that it wasn’t until he began working with an entrepreneurial business coach that his rocket of success really launched and his BIG dream became his BIG reality.

Most folks don’t realize it’s almost never what they can’t do that prevents them from being successful.  Rather, it’s what they don’t think they can do that stops them cold.  The superstars of success understand clearly that success comes in “cans”, not “can’ts”.  Just like the best golfer in world has a coach, essentially because he can’t see his own swing….and that “can” of SUCCESS can’t pop its own top to let out the magic….You CAN find out what you CAN do and then CAN have, do, or be anything you really want.  Superstars of success partner with a pop-top pull-tab “professional whose passion is pointing people to the power of their potential.”  I recommend you consider doing the same because, as famed success expert Brian Tracy says, “success leaves tracks”.

Follow the “tracks” of the super successful, doing what they do, and you’re more likely to end up at the same destination.  Then, instead of just watching others enjoy success, or just getting a taste, like a team that almost made the playoffs, you can be like the victorious champs who end up soaking in success as it’s poured all over them.  Having a coach can be like having the right CAN opener – and can be The Winner’s Edge.

Until next time, here’s to your success…. and all you CAN do!

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