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Rave Reviews of Clients …

and Some of Their Results


“Larry Gassin is our Company’s business coach.  On his first visit, Larry took several hours to understand in detail what was working and not working at our Company.  He showed us how our lack of structure and communication was affecting our ability to win new work.  We implemented his suggestions and we are better able to win new work and execute on existing tasks.  In retrospect, without Larry’s initial visit, it us unlikely the Company would still be in operation today.

“Currently, two of our executives are receiving on-going coaching.  One of these executives is a very talented and enthusiastic young employee who needed coaching as he transitioned into a leadership role.  Within one week of his beginning coaching, several employees, unaware of the coaching, told me that they had noticed a big positive difference in his leadership style.  This has let to a more harmonious team chemistry.”

Holly Bertrand, Chief Operating Officer, ExoAnalytic Solutions, Inc.


I wanted to increase my confidence and become successful in my career. Larry helped me achieve success through his mentorship and various coaching methods – including strategic business coaching, energy coaching and hypno-coaching!  After several sessions with Larry, not only was I able to sell with confidence by increasing my sales and overall happiness in my job, but become one of the top in my field. Larry Gassin is a spectacular mentor and business coach. The results I have experienced from his hypno-coaching and energy coaching sessions have really helped to improve my selling skills and increase my motivation. Larry truly listened and helped me identify the obstacles holding me back and we worked on these ….until he knew I was able to overcome these obstacles. He was persistent on making sure everything holding me back in my career/ life was handled step-by-step. I found the experience with Larry Gassin to be one of a kind. I would recommend Larry to anyone who is looking to strive for success and competitiveness in their careers.”

               Ana Hernandez, Associate District Manager, ADP


“Larry Gassin …. is my business coach and has helped me grow my CPA practice and face many of the issues that I had been avoiding and that were impeding my own success….as a result of working with Larry I have increased my billings …. in each of the last 2 tax seasons.

“I was at first resistant to the idea of coaching – after all, I knew what needed to be done – I was telling my clients some of the same things. However, I can’t say enough good accolades about my experience.  Just like goal setting and planning – if you keep doing the same thing each year – you get the same result.  I’ll never be satisfied with the same as last year (SALY) again!

“With Larry’s coaching – I’m no longer just a CPA, I now have 3 other business interests in progress other than the CPA practice – but that’s another story.”

Timothy J. Folkers, CPA


“As an attorney trying to develop a strong practice after leaving a larger firm, I have found Larry’s counsel to be invaluable.  Larry has assisted me in identifying the best ways to use the minimal time I have available for marketing and in balancing the many competing interests involved in running a small practice.”

Perry Smith, Attorney at Law

“I would like to recommend Larry Gassin as The Coach of The Year!  I have worked with him for nearly three years. With his “Improving the Whole Person Approach” my personal and family relationships have reached an all-time high. I have adopted several self improvement projects that should be with me the rest of my life.

“In addition, I have completed several requirements for credentialing and an advanced degree in my business, and my income should reach an all-time high this year. I highly recommend his services to all who are seeking a coach.”

Worth Giller, ChFC


“The coaching advice I received from Larry during our first meeting in a 10-minute car ride completely transformed my thinking around sharing my work with others.  As an attorney representing business and entrepreneurs, I found Larry’s advice invaluable – focused, precise and on target.”

Michael H. Cohen, Michael H. Cohen Law Group


“When my partner first introduced me to business coaching, I honestly did not think I needed one.  I have always been a pretty confident person, thinking that I know what needs to be done and have done it all along.  I have to say our coaching relationship has changed my perception.

“Your ability in guiding my thoughts to make the decision and set goals to make it happen is invaluable.  Your coaching approach is different from others I have experienced….In doing it this way, I have gained fulfillment and confidence that I would not have gained otherwise.

Tony Y.W. Choi, CPA

“The following is a (partial) listing of items accomplished from January 1 …. to March 31 …. with the coaching of Larry Gassin….

  • Finalized fifty-two possible questions for the initial potential client interview
  • Selected and implemented a detailed Fact Finder
  • Developed and implemented a list of Core Values and Beliefs which have been posted to our website as well as a printed page
  • Website has been totally reviewed and updated
  • Prepared and printed our Trusted Advisor Investment Consulting Process which explains how we work with new clients
  • Established printed format of a quarterly client review agenda
  • Categorized and classified our clients as Platinum, Gold and Silver
  • Established a birthday call list of Platinum and Gold clients
  • Prepared a 3-ring binder with copies of all materials used to describe “Our Process” from initial contact to the end of the first year with a new client.”

Robert A. Ebert, J,D., R.F.C.

“The coaching I received helped me to make it through law school (including Law Review), pass the bar the first time, and eventually start my own practice.  I have a rapidly expanding practice with seven employees since I opened my firm just over six months ago.

“The most surprising and satisfying result I found from coaching with Larry is that I have a very balanced, successful life.  With coaching, work and family life are not at odds, but balanced in harmony.  To this day, I still use the skills and techniques I have learned in coaching in both my personal and professional life.  My wife and I are happier than ever.

“The concept of coaching is simple enough.  If you want to be a good football player you practice hard and you learn skills and plays from your coach.  Why would life be any different?  Larry was able to work with me to plot a game plan, and help me pursue it.

“Finally, I can’t say enough about Larry.  He was always available, his insights were priceless, and he truly cares about my success.”

James Bergener, Esq.

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