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Why Coaching?


What Do All Top Performing Achievers

Know and Do That You Don’t?


As an Executive, Business Owner or High-Performance Professional, who knows better than you that nobody should  be “going it alone” if they really want to be successful?  While it is possible for success to be driven by the vision and passion of one person, it is not a journey that one makes by themselves.  Successful people across a broad range of professions use coaches to help them play at the top of their game – and to play a bigger game.  Top athletes, business executives, actors, singers,  entrepreneurs, authors, technology innovators, and political leaders, among others – who are seriously successful, or serious about becoming successful – use coaches to develop and maintain the competitive edge that keeps them at the top of their game.

Top performers, and those who strive to be, understand it’s nearly impossible for one person alone to see or think “outside the box” into which they have blindly “thunk” themselves.  They recognize the power of synergy and thrive on the increased ability to leverage their time, talents and resources that can result from a dedicated and focused coaching relationship.  They grow more rapidly as a function of their rapidly expanding vision, capacity and commitment to themselves and their success.  True top achievers recognize that “success” at the cost of imbalance in their careers, important relationships, and personal lives is not really success at all and is too high a price to pay.  They draw upon their personal evolution as a result of the coaching relationship to prevent piloting their ship of success into avoidable rocky waters.

Why do people come to coaching? Authors Whitworth, Kimsey-House and Sandahl write, “People come to coaching for lots of different reasons, but the bottom line is change.”  A quote attributed to Confucius addresses this point in simple terms: “If we do not change direction, we are liable to end up where we are headed.”




Coaching is a professionally guided “process” in which people become immersed and from which they emerge better “trained and attuned” to think, learn, be, and do things differently – as well as to do different things – so they can achieve different results.  As a result of the process individuals and teams are better able to identify opportunities, tap into their potential, harness or develop needed resources, impact their environments, and cultivate habits of success vital to achieving winning results.  If it’s true that we become slave to our habits, then it’s critical we develop winning habits to which we can confidently and happily submit our futures and expect our success.

Coaching is an on-going collaborative relationship between the client and a dedicated colleague, mentor, supporter, challenger and “honest” friend – the coach.  To paraphrase famed Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry, a coach is someone who helps you “see” what you don’t want to look at, “listen” to what you don’t want to hear, and “do” the things you don’t want to try doing, so you can “be” what you always wanted to be. The focus of that relationship is you, the client, and helping you to “score” success as you define it and as you have the coach help you design it.  We call that “experiencing The Power of Success by Design™” because there’s a real power that’s unleashed by the focus and intentionality of our coaching process.

Coaching is about helping you overcome the obstacles and limits seemingly imposed by others, by circumstances and by yourself.  It’s about helping you see things as they really are AND as they really can be and helping you make uncommon success your commonplace experience.  The objective of the coaching process and relationship is empowerment of the client to better and purposeful results-oriented actions, development and consistent and natural application of habits that lead to success, more balance and fulfilment, and joy in the journey.  Your Business and your Life should be a great place – and you can plan it that way!




Imagine traveling to a distant city for the first time to meet with a new client – say New Orleans – and you don’t know where you’re going. You can drive faster, but you’ll simply arrive nowhere more quickly.  You can work harder to get there, but you’ll just arrive nowhere more tired and stressed.  If you are given a map, but don’t realize you’ve inadvertently been given a map of St. Louis, you can carefully follow a marked path, but you still won’t get where you want to go. How do you spell frustration and stress?

Where do you want to go?  Where do you need to be?  Do you have an accurate and clearly defined map, and a well marked path to follow?  Wouldn’t a trained guide be helpful?




We will often ask clients what they would do if they knew they couldn’t fail and had all the dedicated support they needed.  How does unlimited possibilities sound?  How about the ability to dream again – BIG dreams – and the confidence in yourself to accomplish them?  What if we could wave a magic wand (how do you know we can’t?) and you could actually achieve all those things you’re worried about not achieving – what difference would that make in your life?  Some of the things you’ll get out of “working out” and training with our coaches and our processes are:

  • “Stretching”, satisfaction and SUCCESS
  • Confidence, competence, and commitment
  • A clear understanding of the differences as well as relationships between vision, values and mission (too many people, even “experts”, use them interchangably, and they’re not) – and the ability to use them to propel you forward – faster
  • Perspective, purpose and passion
  • Clarification, creativity and collaboration
  • Structure, strategy and support
  • Training, techniques and tools
  • A defined, designed destination – a road map for the trip – and action plans for the CAR
  • CAR – Control, Accountability and Results
  • 7 Step C.O.N.T.R.O.L.™ the Ball Success Blueprint System
  • 10 Key Strategies Proven to Create More Profit in Less Time

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