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I hope you’re doing great. In addition to my Weekly Inspirational Quotes (if you don’t receive them and want to, just let me know), I hope this will provide some action-taking inspiration for you. This is an important message for clients of my programs, subscribers of my newsletters, and any others who are Businesspreneurs. If you’re a service professional, sales specialist, consultant, own a business – whether brick and mortar or on-line – you’ll want to read this brief message and take action. If you’re employed by an organization but are wise enough to realize that you are still “self-employed” – meaning you recognize that you are the CEO of YOU, Inc. and are responsible for making sure you get¬†raises, promotions, recognition and opportunities – and that you create your paycheck even if someone else signs it – then you, too, will want to read and take action on this. If these don’t apply, you can stop reading unless you know someone who may benefit from this message and will thank you for referring them to this.

I’m starting a pilot program called “Powerfully Confident and Successful Businesspreneurs MasterMind Group Coaching Program”. It’s focus will be on providing you a virtual venue for ongoing training and education, coaching, and getting faster results with more certainty from resources such as: the power and benefit of a MasterMind group (this was one of the key ingredients of the absolute sure-fire formula for success described by Napoleon Hill in his classic “Think and Grow Rich” after studying and interviewing the wealthiest men in America); special guest experts; crystal clarity on your goals and purposes; eliminating the obstacles and roadblocks holding you back; personalized road maps and action plans to accelerate your own success; replacing habits of failure with habits of success (this is huge); business-building and marketing action-steps; and much, much more.

There will also be access to special workshops and to in-person mastermind VIP “Get it Done Days/Weekends” where you’ll leave re-energized and with your own crafted action plan for immediate implementation.

Because it’s a pilot program, those that join will get in for a crazy low investment compared to what others’ similar type programs typically require. PLUS, they’ll get to stay grandfathered in at the pilot program rate when the program is fully rolled-out and the investment increases.

If you think now is finally the time to get serious about your success, or you’re done beating your head against the wall and not getting more rapid and consistent results, or you want to learn how to achieve more revenues, more clients, more cash flow, more freedom, more time, more peace of mind, more quickly and with more certainty…..if it’s time for you to become a Powerfully Confident and Successful Businesspreneur, then…..

To find out more, just answer the brief, simple questions on the form below, include your phone number, and submit.¬† I or a member of my team will personally call you back to answer your questions and give you the details about the program so together we can determine if it’s a good fit, and a good time for you to grow yourself and your business through this vehicle.

I hope this helps focus some thoughts about your own level of success. I sure appreciate you being a valuable member of our community. Until we talk, my sincere best wishes for your increasing success!


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