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The 1st Step to Achieving Extraordinary Success

What are YOU dreaming of?

  • Building a business?
  • Maybe being an author – and write an article, or a book?
  • Perhaps you have a painting or sculpture inside you?
  • You might want to run a marathon, climb Mt. Everest, surf Oahu, golf in Scotland, or ski the ALPS?
  • How about starting a charity for a favorite cause?
  • Anyone dare to dream about being their company’s top salesperson?

ANYTHING CAN BE a valid dream! If you don’t dream, WHY don’t you? What do you fear in having a dream? Is it failure? Is it someone telling you it won’t work – or YOU won’t work? Is it fear of success? As crazy as that sounds, surprisingly, it’s not an uncommon “ailment.” One of the things I often have to help clients with is accepting success and eliminating hidden self-sabotaging behaviors. When you expose your dream – when you “put it out there” – how do you overcome the criticism and objections of the “experts”or “well wishers” who tell you to forGET it? Some famous people you may already know about had to deal with that too – Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team for not being good enough. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper as a copywriter for not having any creativity. Clint Eastwood was told he’d never be a successful actor because his Adam’s apple was too prominent. Lucille Ball was told by her instructors to do ANYTHING but comedy acting because she just wasn’t funny. Dr. Seuss got rejections from 27 consecutive publishers who told him his stories would never sell! How did they overcome this?

They TOOK what I call A STAND in the S.A.N.D. — Stay Away! Naysayers and Doomsdayers! They effectively told them to go pound sand. If you face some naysayers and doomsdayers, just tell yourself they “don’t get it yet,” or “they don’t see what I see.” If all else fails, you take a stand and let them pound sand – after all, it’s YOUR dream! Let me ask you one of the most important questions you could ask yourself: ” What would you do if you KNEW you couldn’t fail?” If you had all the support, structure, assistance, tools, time, etc. you would need – WHAT would you do? What’s your dream?

Go ahead, right now, take 30 seconds and write down ONE of YOUR DREAMS – no one will see it – I won’t collect them and you won’t be graded on it, so don’t grade yourself. Go ahead and take 30 seconds and just write it! What if it happened – and you made it all work out? What difference would that make in your life? Take a break from fear and picture how differently you would walk, think, act and talk – and how GREAT you would feel! Be as crystal clear as you can and “image it” in vivid colors and emotions.

DARE TO DREAM! It’s the first step on your roadmap to riches and extraordinary success and helps activate your winner’s edge!

Action Steps:

Here are a couple of action steps you can take today to start on your path to success. First, get crystal clear on just what it is you want to have, be, or do. What will things look like 12 months – even 36 months from now, if you’ve achieved your dream? Write it down – this is proven much more powerful than just “thinking it through” – and experts find it increases your probability of success by 1000%.

Second, imagine we’re sitting down 3 years from today and you’ve achieved this wonderful dream. You’re sharing details of the extraordinary life you’re living, the exceptional income you’re generating, the great business you’re running, the exciting things you’re doing in your free time, the incredible relationships you’ve strengthened or developed, and whatever your dream had been. I’m excited to hear it all – and you’re excited to share it. Write down the action steps you would have had to take to achieve that. Then sequence them and take action on two of them immediately, to generate some inertia and build momentum.

Until next time, here’s to your success!

Larry H. Gassin


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