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Category: Goal Getting

Secrets of the Success Superstars

Sometimes It’s As Easy As Having the Right Can Opener “What would you do if you KNEW you couldn’t fail?”  This is one of the most important questions you will ever answer.  “What would you DO if you KNEW… couldn’t fail?”  Have you ever wondered… Continue reading

Thanks, and more hope…

Happy Holidays! I want to take a couple of minutes to give you holiday greetings and to thank you for being a member of our Winner’s Edge community. I’ve had a chance to hear from, talk to and work with so many of you this… Continue reading

A Power Day for You!

What would it feel like to FINISH STRONG in 2010? What difference would it make if you were ready to LAUNCH into 2011 with the WINNERS? If you’re like many people, this year has flown by and in its wake has left frustration, confusion, fear,… Continue reading

The Secret to Letting This Be Your Season of Success!

I hope you’re doing fantasterrifically because the truth is, that’s the minimum you deserve! You may know that I love this time of year and this season that we are entering.  I sometimes refer to it as the “Season of Success”.  “Why?”, you might ask? … Continue reading

You’ll Always Play the Hand You’ve D.E.A.L.T. Yourself

With the completion of the recent World Series, I couldn’t help but notice again how many people who don’t necessarily follow baseball seriously during the season become serious fans at World Series time.  The great American past time does seem to capture attention, our imaginations… Continue reading

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