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The Spiritual Secrets of Success – Setting Limits that Teach Prospects, Clients & Others Hows to Treat and Respond to You

The big secret behind the life-changing phenomenon “The Secret” is that its principles have been known for thousands of years by millions of people, but used and applied by a relatively few. Called by many names, these ageless, timeless, treasured truths of wisdom and inspiration have massively changed lives and even the world in which we live. Authentic principles of power and causes of action, the foundation for many of them is found in the inspired writings that have been preserved and handed down for centuries. Those who have studied them understand they have multiple levels of interpretation and application and that they readily fulfill the declaration that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

This is from a series that focuses on one such principle at a time to provide a brief business and/or personal success application that may act as a “teacher” with a personal message for you. As you are “ready,” may you be inspired and prosper abundantly, as you define that. Most especially, I urge you to commit to take action to develop and apply these spiritual secrets of success in your own life and business to enjoy greater success – starting today.

The Principle

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

—Proverbs 22:6

Application – It is significant to note the proverb doesn’t say “tell a child” or “show a child”, but rather “train up” a child. We’ve all trained something – our pet, our hair, our muscles, our voice, our hands to play a piano or guitar, our ability to aim at a target, etc. It takes focus, time, patience, consistency of effort, and repeated action toward a specific result within the framework of a pre-determined purpose.

Among the many qualities of children are their ability to be both flexible and resilient, their desire to please, their level of trust, their wanting to “do things right” and their need for clearly delineated limits to successfully accomplish this and feel good.

Whether you’re beginning a new personal relationship, a new job, closing a deal with a new customer, accepting a new client, or setting a new goal it is important for you to set the standards – the bounds and limits of the relationship – right from the start. This will clearly “set the expectations” for the relationship as well as encourage maximum performance by both of you. This is the surest path to have it the way you want it to be so you can maximize your opportunity to serve that individual or client as you intend and achieve your desired results. “Train up this new ‘child’ in the way it should go” and you will be able to enjoy the fact that as time passes it “will not depart.” Then, you’ll be living your life by choice, not chance, and that’s The Winner’s Edge.

Action Steps

Identify one key relationship, activity, transaction that is either frustrating you, depleting resources, or not generating the results and opportunities you need. Evaluate how clearly the boundaries and expectations have been set, determine how best to change those, and go to work to increase the clarity of these in the minds of all parties, starting with yourself.

Next, select one or two high-leverage/high-yield actions you can engage to begin reinforcing these boundaries and expectations that clearly “define” the direction things will be moving. Then be consistent, even if at times it’s inconvenient, as you’re teaching a principle and teaching others how to treat and respond to you.

Until next time, here’s to your success.

Larry H. Gassin


The Discipline to Do – The 3rd Step to Achieving Extraordinary Success

This is the 3rd and last in a series of 3 Steps to Extraordinary Success. So once you’ve identified AND accepted your dream – or better yet – embraced it – and made a determined decision to pursue it, kind of like Rocky Balboa when he said to his opponent, “Go for it!” – how do you develop the 3rd step to achieving extraordinary success? That step is the discipline to do it.

There are many techniques and strategies, but here I’ll just share 3 simple, yet powerful ones, you can use immediately.


Practice being aware of what you say you’ll do. LISTEN to yourself. Treat each commitment as a promise – make them sparingly and keep them religiously. We need to also realize that we say things that others take as implied promises. If you say you’ll do something, then the world, but most importantly YOU, must be able to “go to the bank” on the FACT you’ll do it.

When my children were younger and needed to go someplace and I would offer to take them, many times they would say, “we want mom to take us because we can’t count on you.” Too many times I said I’d be home in time to take them to an activity and would just barely make it, causing them stress as they had others counting on them. Finally fed up, my then 9-year-old son tapped me on the chest and said, “Dad, when we’re supposed to be somewhere at a certain time, it’s like we’ve promised someone. Listen dad, here’s how it really is – when you have to be somewhere, early is on time, on time is late, and late is absolutely unacceptable!” “OUCH!” Pain inflicted by a 9 year old – and lesson learned.

It’s been said that it’s a greater compliment to be trusted than to be loved. Haven’t you ever known someone who loved a person, but didn’t trust them? MAKE A PROMISE – KEEP A PROMISE! It’s the difference between a casual contribution of convenience and a conscious commitment of character – and it’s ALL the difference in the world – especially, in the world of success and achieving your dreams.


Develop, hire, outsource, put in place methods, routines, structures and systems that will support you achieving your dream by forcing – or reinforcing – you to do what is needed. A simple example would be wanting to get up early in the morning to walk or jog, but repeatedly wimping out on your goal by making excuses to hit the snooze button on the alarm clock. Am I the only one who’s done that? When we do, we are simply losing the battle of mind – over – mattress.

What’s one structure you could use? Get an exercise buddy who you know will be waiting on the corner for you. By being accountable for your commitment, you’re more likely to keep it.

A great example of someone who successfully used the strategy of methodically relying on a structured routine was gymnast Peter Vidmar. Years ago he committed to himself and his coach that he would be the last one out of the gym each day, and would undertake his hardest and most concentrated practice for 15 minutes each day after everyone was gone.

At the Olympic level, that’s tough to do – especially when everyone else is trying to do the same thing! But he did. Just 15 minutes a day – 6 days a week – for those many years. He made a promise and kept a promise. He employed a structured routine that reinforced his best. It gave him the confidence and winner’s edge that comes with such integrity and commitment. He was in the process of living his dream and he achieved it – 4 Olympic Gold Medals!


Denis Waitley called self-discipline “the power of doing within, when you’re doing without.” You have probably heard of the process of visualization, but may think it couldn’t make a difference, or think you don’t have the time. I’m here to tell you it DOES work, and it provides the fuel to feed the fire that keeps your dreams burning, possible, and alive. It helps keep the things you set in motion – MOVING!

The critical thing to understand is that, just like self-talk, we all engage in visualization in some manner every day. But when we control it, by deliberate practice, we help control the results we experience.

The account has been recorded of Major James Nesmeth – prisoner in Vietnam for 7 years in solitary confinement in a cell 4-1/2 feet high and 5 feet long. During his solitary confinement he committed to “playing” a full round of golf each day. He had been an average weekend golfer, shooting in the mid-to-low 90’s. Each and every day he “practiced” walking each fairway, picking up and smelling each blade of grass, feeling the breeze, swinging his clubs, etc.

He never actually touched a club that entire time. Since he couldn’t go anywhere and wasn’t in a hurry, he took just as long to play 18 holes in his mind as it would have really taken. Not once did he miss a shot – never hit a hook or slice, and never missed a putt. He played 18 holes – 4 hours a day – 7 days a week – for 7 years -vividly visualizing and focusing on his dream. A few days after his release, even though he was weak and frail, having been cooped up in that small 4 -1/2 feet high, 5 feet long cell – he played his first “real” round of golf and took 20 strokes off his former game! It was JUST LIKE HE HAD PICTURED IT in his mind!

Three simple techniques – (1) make a promise – keep a promise; (2) set up structures and systems of support and (3) the self-discipline of visualization. By the way, you don’t really have to do this 4 hours a day. I have clients who find 2 or 3 daily 20-minute “visualization workouts” powerful and very effective over time.

You see, people who are successful at achieving and living their dreams understand that we shape our habits, then our habits shape us. They don’t like doing unpleasant tasks any more than we do, but they get help when needed – often from coaches – to develop the habits of success in doing those little things – that make a BIG difference! It’s really simple to them. They know we become slaves to our habits, so the key is to develop great habits – habits of success – and then confidently surrender!


What’s YOUR dream? When you’re pursuing it, life is ALWAYS more fun and fulfilling. Remember, you’ve got to have a dream to make a dream come true. But don’t let it overwhelm you – because you DON’T have to do it alone. There are role models, support systems, and experienced coaches – all of which can help accelerate your confidence, competence and rate of success! GO for it! I know you CAN do it!

Dare to Dream – Determine to Decide – Discipline to Do – Three steps to achieving the extraordinary success that will help you step into your greatness and achieve The Winner’s Edge!

Your Olympic Spirit and a 17-Day Challenge

In Kansas in the early 1900s was a small country schoolhouse heated by an old pot-bellied stove.   A little boy had the job of coming early each day to start the fire and warm the room before the teacher and classmates arrived.  One day there was a serious accident and the old stove exploded in flames, causing this young boy serious damage.

He had major burns over half of his body.  While in a semi-conscious state in the hospital, he heard the doctor tell his mother he would surely die – and it was for the best.  There was just one problem – he didn’t want to die and made up his mind he WOULD survive – and he did!  When mortal danger had passed and he had stabilized, he heard the doctor tell his mother it would have been better if he had died since the fire destroyed so much flesh in lower body.  He was doomed to be a lifetime cripple with no use of his lower limbs.  That was unacceptable and he made up his mind again – he would NOT be a cripple – he WOULD walk.  But from the waist down, he had no motor ability – his thin legs dangled lifelessly – like Continue reading

The 2nd Step to Extraordinary Success

Last time we talked about the 1st step to achieving extraordinary success – which was you’ve got to “Dare to Dream” and what it meant to be crystal clear about what you want to have, be or do. It was like the start of creating your own “master planned community” in which you can thrive. The 2nd step to achieving your dream is to Determine to Decide.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “decide” as to determine or resolve. Also to determine with resolve. It’s root word – decidere – means literally to “cut off,” as in alternatives or options.

One of the best examples of this was when Julius Caesar decided to invade Egypt.  When his ships landed, and to make sure his men weren’t overcome with fear of the numerous enemy and attempt to turn back, he ordered his ships burned in the harbor.  They would go forward and conquer or go forward and die trying, but go forward they must.  All means of retreat had been cut off and there was no going back.

Here’s a question to consider. How long does it take to MAKE a significant change? Really, it takes just a moment. What takes a long time is to prepare to change, and to “try” to build in wiggle room, loopholes or escape hatches – “just in case” it doesn’t work out.  But once retreat is cut off, once a committed decision is made – it’s done – that’s it!

There is a HUGE difference between a committed, determined decision and a wavering wish. Rewind your life’s video to a time when you were absolutely committed to having, doing, or being something – as opposed to being willing to accept something IF it all worked out. WHAT was different then? What felt different, and what did you consistently do differently? You KNOW your life would be positively different if each day you woke up and your dream didn’t vanish with your sleep because you were committed to it!

A committed decision helps you focus, tap into resources and energy, and SET IN MOTION those things you need to achieve your dreams.  Like a snowball rolling downhill, it will gather momentum. To realize a dream you have never before attained, you MUST decide to do things you have never before done.

Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying that “people are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.” I’d paraphrase that to “people are just as successful as they make up their minds to be.” In working with numerous clients and studying this issue for many years, I’ve learned a major reason that many people aren’t successful is simply because they haven’t yet made up their mind to be successful. They haven’t made a committed decision – one from which there is no turning back.

Action Steps


Second, do you continually struggle with success in a certain area?  Be honest and identify the biggest obstacle that is holding you back, slowing you down or stopping you.  Select 3 action steps you can take to start eliminating that – and get to it!

Third, burn your “ships” and cut off any retreat.  You’ll find the path forward more enticing and you’ll travel it much faster with greater success.

Until next time, here’s to your success!

Larry H. Gassin

The 1st Step to Achieving Extraordinary Success

What are YOU dreaming of?

  • Building a business?
  • Maybe being an author – and write an article, or a book?
  • Perhaps you have a painting or sculpture inside you?
  • You might want to run a marathon, climb Mt. Everest, surf Oahu, golf in Scotland, or ski the ALPS?
  • How about starting a charity for a favorite cause?
  • Anyone dare to dream about being their company’s top salesperson?

ANYTHING CAN BE a valid dream! If you don’t dream, WHY don’t you? What do you fear in having a dream? Is it failure? Is it someone telling you it won’t work – or YOU won’t work? Is it fear of success? As crazy as that sounds, surprisingly, it’s not an uncommon “ailment.” One of the things I often have to help clients with is accepting success and eliminating hidden self-sabotaging behaviors. When you expose your dream – when you “put it out there” – how do you overcome the criticism and objections of the “experts”or “well wishers” who tell you to forGET it? Some famous people you may already know about had to deal with that too – Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team for not being good enough. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper as a copywriter for not having any creativity. Clint Eastwood was told he’d never be a successful actor because his Adam’s apple was too prominent. Lucille Ball was told by her instructors to do ANYTHING but comedy acting because she just wasn’t funny. Dr. Seuss got rejections from 27 consecutive publishers who told him his stories would never sell! How did they overcome this?

They TOOK what I call A STAND in the S.A.N.D. — Stay Away! Naysayers and Doomsdayers! They effectively told them to go pound sand. If you face some naysayers and doomsdayers, just tell yourself they “don’t get it yet,” or “they don’t see what I see.” If all else fails, you take a stand and let them pound sand – after all, it’s YOUR dream! Let me ask you one of the most important questions you could ask yourself: ” What would you do if you KNEW you couldn’t fail?” If you had all the support, structure, assistance, tools, time, etc. you would need – WHAT would you do? What’s your dream?

Go ahead, right now, take 30 seconds and write down ONE of YOUR DREAMS – no one will see it – I won’t collect them and you won’t be graded on it, so don’t grade yourself. Go ahead and take 30 seconds and just write it! What if it happened – and you made it all work out? What difference would that make in your life? Take a break from fear and picture how differently you would walk, think, act and talk – and how GREAT you would feel! Be as crystal clear as you can and “image it” in vivid colors and emotions.

DARE TO DREAM! It’s the first step on your roadmap to riches and extraordinary success and helps activate your winner’s edge!

Action Steps:

Here are a couple of action steps you can take today to start on your path to success. First, get crystal clear on just what it is you want to have, be, or do. What will things look like 12 months – even 36 months from now, if you’ve achieved your dream? Write it down – this is proven much more powerful than just “thinking it through” – and experts find it increases your probability of success by 1000%.

Second, imagine we’re sitting down 3 years from today and you’ve achieved this wonderful dream. You’re sharing details of the extraordinary life you’re living, the exceptional income you’re generating, the great business you’re running, the exciting things you’re doing in your free time, the incredible relationships you’ve strengthened or developed, and whatever your dream had been. I’m excited to hear it all – and you’re excited to share it. Write down the action steps you would have had to take to achieve that. Then sequence them and take action on two of them immediately, to generate some inertia and build momentum.

Until next time, here’s to your success!

Larry H. Gassin


Are You Shepherding Your Assets?

Spiritual Secrets of Success – The Big Secret

The big secret behind the life-changing phenomenon “The Secret” is that its principles have been known for thousands of years by millions of people, but used and applied by a relatively few. Called by many names, these ageless, timeless, treasured truths of wisdom and inspiration have massively changed lives and even the world in which we live. Authentic principles of power and causes of action, the foundation for many of them is found in the inspired writings that have been preserved and handed down for centuries. Those who have studied them understand they have multiple levels of interpretation and application and that they readily fulfill the declaration that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

This series focuses on one such principle in each issue and provides a brief business and/or personal success application that may act as a “teacher” with a personal message for you. As you are “ready,” may you be inspired and prosper abundantly, as you define that. Most especially, I urge you to commit to take action to develop and apply these spiritual secrets of success in your own life and business to enjoy greater success – starting today.

The Principle of Success

Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds. For riches are not for ever: and doth the crown endure to every generation?

—Proverbs 27:23 – 24


You may be scratching your head and wondering if this could possibly have any application or relevance to you. In ancient times, flocks and herds represented someone’s livelihood, much of their accumulated wealth, and their security for the future. Accordingly, the shepherds were careful to note the size, status and condition of their animals. Of necessity, they would anticipate the maturing of their animals and the effect of the upcoming seasons upon them so they could best prepare to nurture and increase the size of their fold and help them weather the storms. These treasured assets received deliberate, specific and consistent focus, care and attention.

How about your financial “flocks and herds”? Do you take stock of them regularly? Do you take stock of how you’re doing with regard to needed skills and leadership needed to maximize your circumstances and opportunities? How do you know and how do you measure – both your own performance and the performance of these assets? Here are some questions for self-examination along your journey to growing your business, and your capacity to achieve your business goals:

  • What assets are you employing in your business and are you taking deliberate care to note their “state” and condition?
  • Have you considered your customers, employees and strategic partners – and do you have a program in place to reward and reinforce their relationship, behavior and desired actions with regard to you and your business?
  • Does your marketing program generate real-time feedback from your target prospects and customers and give you the ability to respond swiftly to changes in the economy and marketplace?
  • What about your products, services and offerings in the marketplace? Are you regularly evaluating them in light of customers’ changing needs and wants, or the impact of conditions on your customers, so you can position yourself to be relevant and endure “to every generation” and weather the storms and seasons of change?
  • What revenue streams are key to your continuing success and are you “shepherding” them sufficiently?
  • Not to be overlooked, is your plan/program of personal development serving you well, or do you need to make additions or changes there?

It should be understandable that these principles have equal application in our personal lives. Make sure not to ignore the “state of” your personal relationships, abilities and resources and their impact on your overall happiness and success.

Hope is great, it really is. But hoping things will change is not a strategy for success, improvement or growth. It is unpredictable, unreliable and unfulfilling. While it is a very passive course of action, it should not be confused with taking action.

Diligent, disciplined and honest assessment of the “state of thy flocks” and responding by tending “well to thy herds” will let you be prepared for the changes that inevitably occur, and are coming at a faster pace all the time – and that’s The Winner’s Edge.

Action Steps

Here are several simple but significant action steps you can take starting today to improve your results and putting yourself in a position to optimize.

First, schedule and set aside some time to take stock of your “flocks and herds”. Don’t just “think” about them – write them down and make notations of your observations. Get it out of your head and onto paper so it’s real and usable.

Next, note changing conditions in the economy and the marketplace and re-evaluate the “integrity” and “utility” of your position and offerings in light of these. As I’ve said to numerous audiences, “you can’t control the marketplace, but you can control your place in the market.”

Third, identify changes needed in what you offer and the way it’s delivered in order to continually offer greater value and make sure you retain relevance and “front of mind” presence with your clients so you’ll keep feeding those flocks.

Until next time, here’s to your success,

Larry H. Gassin

Some Thoughts About Fathers

Hi – I wanted to share a few thoughts about Fathers-

“Until you have a son of your own… you will never know the joy, the love beyond feeling that resonates in the heart of a father as he looks upon his son. You will never know the sense of honor that makes a man want to be more than he is and to pass something good and hopeful into the hands of his son. And you will never know the heartbreak of the fathers who are haunted by the personal demons that keep them from being the men they want their sons to be.” — Kent Nerburn

“You have powers you never dreamed of.  You can do things you never thought you could do.  There are no limitations in what you can do except the limitations in your own mind as to what you cannot do.  Don’t think you cannot.  Think you can.”   — Darwin P. Kinglsey

It’s often been said that the best place to hide something is right in plain view.  For all the Fathers who yearn and strive to be more than they are for those sons and daughters that are counting on them; for fearing that they can’t, but, in love, believing that they mustn’t stop hoping that they can – may your eyes be opened and your hearts enlarged to know that there truly is the potential for greatness within you.  You may not be worldly famous and be something to everyone, but surely you can be everything to someone – the tender, grateful, hoping hearts right in front of you who think you’re Superman.  For all the Fathers who, for them, live on, lead on, and love on – you’re awesome!

Happy Father’s Day!

Mothers and Women

Just wanted to quickly share a couple of thoughts that seemed especially appropriate today by way of thanking all of the women in our lives who do so much, so selflessly, and so often without recognition, without any expectation of anything in return, bringing hope to others, often without much hope themselves.

Mothers are God’s gift of humanity to the world.

Motherhood is God’s gift to women, and the noblest of callings.

Whether a woman’s children are grown and gone, young and at home, have not yet come to her, or for any number of circumstances she doesn’t have any to call her own, the “Mother’s Heart” in all women can give nurture, love, and life to the hearts of all those whose lives they touch.

Mother’s Day is an expression of gratitude to celebrate mothers, and also an opportunity to gratefully celebrate womanhood and all its gifts shared that so abundantly bless our lives.  As each of us have mothers, wives, sisters, teachers, friends and other women whose hearts have touched and blessed our lives, let’s take a few minutes often, and especially today, to let them know that we know they are heaven-sent gifts to bless our lives.   Lifting others – that’s what all these mothers in our lives do so well – and that’s definitely The Winner’s Edge.

With much gratitude and appreciation, Happy Mother’s Day!

Happiest of Holidays

I want to extend my warmest wishes to you and all of our members, clients, colleagues and friends in our Winner’s Edge community as you may celebrate these special and sacred holidays of Easter and Passover. It seems a special thing when their observance falls at the  same time, as they did some 2,000 years ago. I hope you enjoy the happiest of holidays and that you and your loved ones are greatly blessed as you observe and celebrate these remarkable events.

With gratitude,



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