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Are You Bothered By G.O.A.L.S. ?

As we are now “well into” the New Year, and too many are  already feeling stuck, trapped, failing, or frustrated at the direction they see they are taking re: their “goals,” here’s another perspective (see Nov 4, 2013 post) I hope will help you see things differently, as well as see different things.

It would be great to get your thoughts and insights about Goals so please feel free to leave them.  In the mean time, here’s to YOUR increasing successes!




Is it more than an expression?


Thank You! And Warmest Holiday Greetings

YieldSanta80I love this holiday season and can’t help but feel richly blessed by those things that clearly matter most.  Among these is the opportunity to connect with, serve, learn from and help the great people in our Winner’s Edge Community, such as you, for which I am very grateful and thank you.

My warmest wishes that you and your loved ones will be richly blessed during this Christmas season and that this New Year brings success, joy and prosperity in those things most important to you.


Some Thoughts On G.R.A.T.I.T.U.D.E.


I’ve been thinking alot lately about gratitude.  As I’ve pondered what differences there may between gratitude and thankfulness, many ideas as to its source and cause have surfaced and no doubt you’ll have additional observations of your own. One thing that has struck me as I’ve peeled the onion is that at its core level, gratitude is an act or expression of faith and consequently, a principle of power in our lives. It’s not dependent upon other people or specific outcomes but resides within us at the level of heart and soul. More than the proverbial “attitude of gratitude” that we’re told “to have”, it is a way of seeing and a state of being that can take root within us. As a result, if acknowledged and nurtured it can grow and become a well-spring of hope, joy, peace, strength and action within us. With a deep sense of gratitude I thankfully offer this one of several gratitude acronyms resulting from these reflections.

May your Thanksgiving holiday be wonderful and may you know the gifts of fulfillment, joy and power inherent in gratitude.


Are Your “Trapped” by Your Goals?

GOALS-1Sometimes people can get “trapped” by their Goals and feel stuck or like failures if they lose sight of what goals are really for. They can also become “trapped” in others’ goals for them. I’ll share more on this in the future that will help you understand more clearly the nature, purpose and power of goals, and making sure those are the right tools for the job you have in mind.  But for now, I hope these can help. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

Until next time, here’s to your increasing success!


What do you fear?

 Oprah wisdom

A power-filled insight from someone who has recognized this key distinction and whose life has shined a powerful light on it for all of us to see more clearly.  Understanding this difference can empower you to face challenges and
obstacles – and even major adversities – that have held you back or stopped you in your tracks.

What are 1 or 2 things you’ve been afraid of that you can see more clearly you really can take action on?  If they don’t work out at first the way you hope, what’s the worst thing that will really (in actuality) happen?  If they do work out, whether after 1 or 10 attempts, what great thing  could happen?

Until next time, here’s to your increasing success!                          (photo shared by Adam Urbanski)


The Thrill and the Will


I really enjoy riding my bike in the local foothills and ABSOLUTELY LOVE the feel of the wind in my face, the amazing sense of freedom and the thrill as I race down steep hills. Wanting to do it again….and again….I learned this critical lesson.


How can you apply it to your most important goals?  What changes in attitude or mindset might be needed?  How important is that goal?

How Painful is Self Discipline ?

“We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline Jim Rohn - Game Changeror the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.”

~Jim Rohn, Motivational Business Philosopher

How are the small daily decisions, actions and disciplines of your life determining and driving, or delaying and destroying your destiny?  Too many people won’t look because they just don’t want to see, or refuse to believe, where they are headed.  What small, but significant, changes can you make that would provide you some  powerful leverage and change the current trajectory you’re currently following?  Sometimes all it takes is a little more desire and a little help – like from a coach!   You can do it!

Until next time, here’s to your increasing success!

Friends of Jack Bauer

Recognize these friends of Jack Bauer? Got to meet and visit with Glenn Morshower and “shoot” some pics last week at Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Marketing Camp. Glenn is one of the Glenn Morshower - Actor and Inspirational Speakerfinest and nicest people you could meet. In addition to being a wonderful actor, he’s a powerful teacher and absolutely one of the best and most inspirational speakers you’ll ever hear. He completely blew away a huge audience. If you ever have the chance to attend one of his seminars “The Extra Mile”, DON’T miss it!

Glenn has been featured in a large variety of major films and TV shows since 1976. A devoted husband and father, he invests a lot of his time and energy helping others thrive along life’s journey.

Thanks for the visit, Glenn.

Glenn Morshower - Actor and Inspirational Speaker



A Moment of Decision

“In a moment of decision, the best thing to do is the right thing. The worst thing to do is nothing at all.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt, US President

When you’ re at a decision point, do you have a template or standard by which you make decisions?   Don’t be fooled – no decision IS a decision.

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